Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Week of Thanksgiving...Day 3: My Most Fashionable Friend

For today's guest, I called upon Nina Zoe CoCo, of All Tumble Down fame:

Nina actually gave me a shout-out yesterday in her little corner of the internet universe, and explained how we know each other thusly:

"We cemented our friendship over a mutual love of ice cream, sarcasm and entirely theoretical religious discussions during our first year at Barnard, where we lived at either ends of the dorm hall."

All true (especially the ice cream part - 1 am frozen yogurt runs to Pinnacle figure prominently into my memories of freshman year). However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we actually met in a choir in high school, and only recognized each other at our first hall meeting when we each turned down a bowl of M&Ms being passed around 30 minutes after our fleishig dinner (as did Nina's roommate - hi, Shar!). Nins is brilliant, very funny, and always sticks to her guns.

My Barnard friends and I are prone to spontaneous bursts of picture-taking, so there is no shortage additional pictures. Such as :

(Kiawah, end of sophomore year)

(At Nina's wedding...)

( hubby Er, also known in college as Bondo.)

(This picture is somewhat irrelevant, but I love it, so I don't care. Hi, chips!)

And so, without further photographic ado, Wednesday:

Seven Daily Reasons why life in Nina-ville is good:

1. Getting together with your best friends reminds you that life is
better when shared with others. Last night's book club meeting was the
first time I have been with the whole group from college since my
father passed away 2 months ago, and made me realize how much love
there is still in the world. Thanks, guys.

2. On a far more mundane note - tonight I had my first lambburger. Why
why have I never had one before? The tang, the juiciness, the 30
seconds it took me to devour it -- unreal.

3. After feeding someone cookies I promised had no nuts in them, since
I had baked them myself, I realized they had been stored in a bag with
pecan cookies. I haven't heard about his death, though, and have been
reassured by many, including my med school husband, that anaphylaxis
is a very speedy reaction, and he'd have noticed instead of having
another cookie. And Navah told me that I "may have saved a life in the
process - for the first time ever [she] remembered to buy the right
kind of breadcrumbs for the Thanksgiving meatballs - i.e., the ones that aren't potentially lethal to [her] cousin Charly." Woohoo for life!

4. My coworker had her baby shower on Sunday. We sent out an
invitation to the whole staff and volunteer corps, letting them know
at the bottom that she is registered at We received an
email from a very upset octogenarian volunteer who told us how
inappropriate the registry information was. We were so puzzled until
(in a flash of genius, you could say) I realized that she hadn't
followed the link, and had instead accidentally typed into
her browser. Go ahead, visit it - you'll get the same shock Gisa did
when she saw porn pop up on her screen.

5. My blog has been getting readers from all over the country and the
globe. I don't know anyone from Nepean, Ontario, Murrieta, California,
Cataluna, Spain, or Petrus, Greece, but I feel happy to be writing
something others can enjoy. What began as a total experiment has
quickly become a daily break from the weighty research/writing/meeting aspects of my job; something light and yes, a bit frivolous that keeps life from getting too heavy.

6. We finally hung art on the walls. Living in an apartment that
actually feels like home is a wonderful thing.

7.I helped a supremely nice guy propose to his girlfriend at the
museum where I work a few weeks ago, and yesterday received a HUGE
bouquet of flowers along with a card thanking me profusely for my
assistance. It was unnecessary, unexpected, and totally made my day.

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