Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

...Secular winter wonderland. And I love it. So:

1. Ubiquitous Christmas decorations. The moment it gets cold, I'm ready for twinkling lights and boughs of holly. The Upper West Side has not let me down.

2. The color of the nighttime sky when it snows (like tonight!). One of my favorite precipitation-related phenomena...second only to the smell before a summer rain.

3. I have a big kids' job. Details to follow.

4. The butterflies that come from a new beginning (I officially start at the office tomorrow). I'm feel like I'm going to throw up...but in a good way.

5. Cap-Sac: the fannypack for your head. (It only sounds inappropriate...)

6. Comic Sans? Really, 243 W. 98 St.? You slay me, every time I walk by.

(This picture does not do justice to the hilarity. Way to let me down, googlemaps.)

7. Going to bed before midnight. Which I'm about to do right now.

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