Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Several Weeks Ago

What up, kids? We begin the recap of recent events with the Saturday before Spring Break, both because it was a lovely day, and because I anticipate that this Saturday will be quite similar - lazy, gorgeous day, followed by super-anxious packing all night, with intermittent hysterical internet breaks.

1. I forgot to turn my phone off before Shabbat. This was a good thing, primarily because the buzzing woke me up when the management called - leaving me with exactly 37 seconds from the time of the missed to jump into clothes, before they showed up to tour the apartment.

2. And then I spent the bulk of the day reading in bed.

3. It was completely gorgeous outside...and incredibly quiet, since everyone was already gone.

4. "As a proud member of the NBC familia, we continue to broadcast this...nonsense."

5. Ok Go does it again (and, I think, significantly better) - behold a music video that is engaging without being distracting (for those unfamiliar with the original "treadmill video," click here):

6. Finally made it to Satchel's, a Gainesville institution. YUM.

7. Surprisingly humorous:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Just Might be the Shabbos Ema

1. Today was an abnormally short work day. Or rather, an abnormally short at-work day - being at home to cook for students and do laundry for ASB counts as work, right? Right?

2. I got to host a Shabbat meal for the first time in ages! (Hillel work usually precludes me from doing so, but Spring Break = no Hillel).

3. Not only did I get to cook up a storm - the whole thing was dairy and primarily gluten-free. Can you tell I'm proud?

4. Before dinner, we went to a gymnastics tri-meet (against UNC - go Heels!, even when times are tough in other athletic areas - and Ball State)! It was about as awesome as you'd expect.
Number 4 Florida won, but UNC held their own. Ball State...well, they have room for improvement.

As a bonus, I discovered that many other people watch Make It or Break It. I no longer feel I have to hide my love for its entertaining mix of melodrama and feats of strength.

5. Dinner was lovely. Apparently, my students find me so entertaining, they've created a sitcom about me, complete with theme song. I don't know whether to be flattered or worried.

6. One of the guests went on USY on Wheels with Seffi...and recounted a lovely little story about how he told her that her chose of name-spelling (for her own name) was unacceptable. Oh Sefster...thank goodness you've grown up. Mostly.

7. The students stuck around until 2 a.m. It was so refreshing to have a "civilian" Shabbat...if only I could have them more often.

Today was a sentence!

...March Fourth. Get it? Wa wa waaaaa.

1. See above.

2. I woke up to...a wild Seffi chase. It's like a wild goose chase, but sillier and more complicated. Basically, it's what happens when your brother forgets to bring his charger places, allows his phone to die while in another country and talking to your mother, and said mother then makes you call lots of your brother's friends that you're not really in touch with, in order to ascertain whether or not he is still alive. Nice talking to you, Raffi, Haley, and LeeAnn!

3. I don't always love Nicholas Kristof. But he certainly does get that if you educate and empower women, your whole country will be smarter, safer, and stronger. Now why can't world leaders grasp that?

4. Urban Meyer was at Hillel today! And is surprisingly tall. And I didn't get a picture because...

5. Java with Navah was back with a vengeance. The highlight was my discovery of the existence of the Slap Chop (TM), and soon afterward, my introduction to the Slap Chop Remix:

Bonus: Vince Offer was born in Israel. His real name is Offer Shlomi. Now the whole huckster act is beginning to make sense...

6. Way to go, Purim PR team: Today when I walked by Turlington, I found Purim fliers in all of the newspaper machines.

Which kind of makes me wonder...are all those publications now defunct?

6. Watch this Tiny Desk concert. I promise, it will make your day better.

Thanks to Avigail for sharing the link!

Gotta Get, Get

Zero comments on the big comeback post? I've got to work on that.

1. Somewhere near Gainesville, there was a Model T convention. I know this because on my way home from work, there was an absurd traffic jam of Model Ts cramming University Avenue. Surreal, but awesome.

2. Had an unexpectedly intense and uplifting conversation with a student who's been struggling with depression. It feels good to know that once in awhile I can make a difference.

3. I remembered to pay my rent. Not that I've ever forgotten, but this time I cut it pretty close.

4. I have now eaten asparagus 4 days in a row. In-season vegetables make my heart sing (and potentially, my pee smell. But I live alone, so who cares?).


6. Finally received and signed the long awaited bus contract - I guess we're going to New Orleans after all.

7. Tucker Haas is awesome - and thank goodness, healthy (read the description of the video here):


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