Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Several Weeks Ago

What up, kids? We begin the recap of recent events with the Saturday before Spring Break, both because it was a lovely day, and because I anticipate that this Saturday will be quite similar - lazy, gorgeous day, followed by super-anxious packing all night, with intermittent hysterical internet breaks.

1. I forgot to turn my phone off before Shabbat. This was a good thing, primarily because the buzzing woke me up when the management called - leaving me with exactly 37 seconds from the time of the missed to jump into clothes, before they showed up to tour the apartment.

2. And then I spent the bulk of the day reading in bed.

3. It was completely gorgeous outside...and incredibly quiet, since everyone was already gone.

4. "As a proud member of the NBC familia, we continue to broadcast this...nonsense."

5. Ok Go does it again (and, I think, significantly better) - behold a music video that is engaging without being distracting (for those unfamiliar with the original "treadmill video," click here):

6. Finally made it to Satchel's, a Gainesville institution. YUM.

7. Surprisingly humorous:

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