Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seven Reasons Why 5770 Was a Great Year

Yes, I disappeared for awhile. A long while. It was a combination of factors - I had gotten to be so entrenched in my unhappiness in Gainesville that the very act of finding seven positives each day seemed nearly impossible. More importantly, I think, I just got overwhelmed by the pressure of having to post every. single. day.

But I've been missing the blog. Missing the positive focus it enabled me to maintain. Missing the interactions it facilitated with friends - and even with some strangers.

So I'm back. I won't be here daily, but I'm going to try to be here a lot. And to start, let's have a bit of a (Jewish) year in review...

Seven Reasons Why 5770 Was a Great Year:

1. The climate in Gainesville. I mean, flowers grow there in February. That's a remarkable thing.

2. Wednesday Farmers' Market, I miss you.

3. Staffing Birthright - an experience I'll never forget (and hopefully, they won't either).

4. Gator Pride. Insane, but so fun to watch in action.

5. Alternative Spring Break - beautiful city, committed students, memorable week.

6. So many smachot...

(This video of my cousin Abby's husband Isaac serenading her will probably make your day.)

Mazel tov everyone!

7. My amazing students at UF. I learned more from you all than you could possibly imagine. I hope I taught you a little something as well. Miss you!

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