Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...And Seven Reasons Why 5771 Will Be Even Better

As much as I loved my time in G-ville, I'm really looking forward to remembering what day-to-day life is like in the big city. Seven reasons why:

1. Living within walking distance of some of my closest friends. Because skype and gchat just aren't the same as hanging out in the same room.

2. Living near my family, for similar reasons. Bonus: Seffi at Columbia. I love being your neighbor, kid.

3. Weekend city adventures (the High Line and Sukkah City, so far)

4. Also, weekends in general. I forgot about those when I was a professional Jew.

5. Interviewing. While I would like to be gainfully employed (soon, please!), I'm actually enjoying being a full time office-visiter and shmoozer.

6. Having four seasons. Hello, fall. How are you?

7. It's New York, people. A wealth of cultural experiences like none other, in a city that actually doesn't sleep. Though the Starbucks in Library West was open later than the one on 93rd St...I guess Gainesville was more metropolitan than I realized. :)

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