Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today was a sentence!

...March Fourth. Get it? Wa wa waaaaa.

1. See above.

2. I woke up to...a wild Seffi chase. It's like a wild goose chase, but sillier and more complicated. Basically, it's what happens when your brother forgets to bring his charger places, allows his phone to die while in another country and talking to your mother, and said mother then makes you call lots of your brother's friends that you're not really in touch with, in order to ascertain whether or not he is still alive. Nice talking to you, Raffi, Haley, and LeeAnn!

3. I don't always love Nicholas Kristof. But he certainly does get that if you educate and empower women, your whole country will be smarter, safer, and stronger. Now why can't world leaders grasp that?

4. Urban Meyer was at Hillel today! And is surprisingly tall. And I didn't get a picture because...

5. Java with Navah was back with a vengeance. The highlight was my discovery of the existence of the Slap Chop (TM), and soon afterward, my introduction to the Slap Chop Remix:

Bonus: Vince Offer was born in Israel. His real name is Offer Shlomi. Now the whole huckster act is beginning to make sense...

6. Way to go, Purim PR team: Today when I walked by Turlington, I found Purim fliers in all of the newspaper machines.

Which kind of makes me wonder...are all those publications now defunct?

6. Watch this Tiny Desk concert. I promise, it will make your day better.

Thanks to Avigail for sharing the link!

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