Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gotta Get, Get

Zero comments on the big comeback post? I've got to work on that.

1. Somewhere near Gainesville, there was a Model T convention. I know this because on my way home from work, there was an absurd traffic jam of Model Ts cramming University Avenue. Surreal, but awesome.

2. Had an unexpectedly intense and uplifting conversation with a student who's been struggling with depression. It feels good to know that once in awhile I can make a difference.

3. I remembered to pay my rent. Not that I've ever forgotten, but this time I cut it pretty close.

4. I have now eaten asparagus 4 days in a row. In-season vegetables make my heart sing (and potentially, my pee smell. But I live alone, so who cares?).


6. Finally received and signed the long awaited bus contract - I guess we're going to New Orleans after all.

7. Tucker Haas is awesome - and thank goodness, healthy (read the description of the video here):

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