Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remember me?

It's feeling like a list day. Astonishingly, the first of 2011. That gives me significant leeway on what to post. So:

1. Shoutout from a student. Emily Jones (sometimes Rosen, sometimes Ruth, sometimes Senator, always awesome), a woman who is about to take the world by storm. And once in awhile, she uses the SDR formula to showcase it. Thanks, Em!

2. This was waiting at my desk when I started my job (which, admittedly, was in 2010):

Appropriate today, since I'm in MAJOR camp withdrawal.

3. Most joyful wedding ever:

4. In the happiest place on Earth...(Kibbutz Sa'ad)

5. Adventures that could only happen in New York (like this indoor re-creation of Central Park):

6. Taking up photography again:

7. Aaaaand it's Sunday. Amen.

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