Monday, February 1, 2010

Do They Win an Actual Gator?

Crazy long day of errands and meetings, culminating in the first of four regional Hillel Gator Prize dinners. Whew.

1. I thought I didn't have anything appropriate for the evening's event in my Gainesville closet (spoiler alert: I ended up wearing something I already owned), so I hopped on the bus and went to the Oaks Mall. I recognize that - for better or for worse - every town in America has a mall, but somehow I figured that Gainesville wouldn't. Being in that climate-controlled box of recycled air and commercialism was actually very reassuring.

2. I almost didn't make it to the mall, because the bus was running so late. This came in handy on the way back, however, and enabled me to make a bus I would otherwise have missed. Note to self: all RTS buses run at least 10 minutes late.

3. Started a new weekly event: Java With Navah! Lots of students, lots of coffee, lots of fun.

4. Took two students - one of whom has a newfound allergy to gluten - to Mother Earth, the natural foods store. Insane gluten-free shopping spree ensued.

5. The giveaway t-shirts for Purim are still on the DL, but trust me, they will blow your mind.

6. Inadvertently matched (like, exactly) with a student leader at the Gator Prize dinner. So sad it was funny.

7. So if we're a Jewish organization giving out something called the "Gator Prize," what will the plaques actually say? Ah yes, that's right - פרס התנינים (pras hataninim). I couldn't stifle my laughter when the executive director read that one aloud. Awesome.

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