Friday, February 5, 2010

My Apartment is a Hotel Room

1. SO TRUE. Lost fans, why are you so ridiculous?

Final Season Of 'Lost' Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

2. Confession: I kind of like the Black Eyed Peas. Regardless, this is still amazing.

3. My Thing of the Day is....this fish!

We had to color them in for a national Hillel thing. It's a long story.

4. Blast from the voicemail past:Sefster: ill miss you too! if you call me anytime just leave a message and ill call you back (sorry, navah isnt here right now, but leave a message, and shell call you back. thank you!)

6 minutes
12:56 AM me: hahah
12:57 AM it's "hi...sawwy, navah's not here righ now. but leave a messssage, and she'll caw you baaack. thank you!"
and i have it saved in my itunes
Sefster: i mean, i remember it exactly, i was just shortening it fow bwevity
12:58 AM he had a cold, poor kid
me: no, i think he was just 3
i'm listening to it right now
1:00 AM Sefster: he for sure had a cold...i remember that distinctly...but yeah, its so cute
1:01 AM me: surprise!
1:02 AM Sefster: ok, i gotta go give my computer to yossi...i love you a lot and ill talk to you soon...thanks for the surprise!

As soon as I can figure out how to upload it, you'll all be able to listen to the surprise too. I can't believe this child is 10 years old.

5. Went to Michaels for Thing-a-Day project supplies. I forgot that the people who frequent crafts stores are some of the best to people-watch. Oh, man.

6. Israeli movie night is back! I'm not sure that the students knew how to hand "Turn Left at the End of the World," but I enjoyed.

7. Last but CERTAINLY not least....the managers of my complex have added furniture to my apartment, the better to give tours in. I understand filling the empty bedroom, but the rest was a bit much. We had a knockdown, drag-out fight about a collection of ceramic knick knacks (obviously, I won). Thoughts?


  1. #4 - no cold, he was just three.

    #7 - what student (or self-respecting young professional) lives like this? Too much furniture, not enough room - though the rug is nice.

  2. There WAS a cold!

    And you watched that movie to celebrate my moving into yerucham?

    And you really went on an onion spree



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