Monday, February 1, 2010

Pajamas and Bananas (But No Stairs)

1. Good thing we didn't hold services on Saturday - it was pouring for hours.

2. As a result, I had quite the lazy morning.

3. ...until 5 families showed up with the complex manager for a tour. When I was still in my pajamas. With dishes in the sink. Oops! She forgot to tell me they've begun Saturday hours. The parents took it well, though, and complimented me on my gracious [impromptu] hospitality.

4. The afternoon was a banana bonanza - I hosted a bunch of students at my apartment for "Banana Bread and Bananagrams" (we played Apples to Apples too). It was fairly successful, and I think I might hold it again.

5. Oh, and Shlomo showed up. How fun are people who are up for any social situation?

6. Finally put something up on the walls:

I promise, it looks more impressive in context. And it took a LONG time.

7. I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent the evening watching the one show Tanni watches that I can stomach: Wizards of Waverly Place. Don't judge - it's really quite adorable.


  1. I made the wall of pictures! Yay! and I noticed at least one other from my wedding:-) loved our chat this week, xo



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