Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best. Chag. Ever.

1. Seeing Greta - I missed you, lady.

2. Meeting new people. For a second there, I thought I'd forgotten how (Peers, not students. Enormous distinction.).

3. Lunch with Mishpachat Sykes. So so fun.

4. Helping Mira Sykes with her Torah reading. Another thing I'd almost forgotten I loved.

5. Accidentally-on-purpose taking charge of Anshei Shalom hakafot with Sarit, including a rousing rendition of "Zu Emet." Kol isha? What kol isha?

6. Windy City Treats. Free post-hakafot ice cream for everyone? Best idea ever.

7. "You should come back every year. You're fun!" Wait, for real? I haven't been fun in months! Score one for Chicago.

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