Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jerusalem in January...

...is what my apartment felt like this morning when I woke up.

1. Still in the middle of a cold snap. Couldn't feel my nose this morning. If only I could save up the chill for when it's 90 degrees on Thursday.

2. I found my fleece! This is momentous when you cannot feel your nose.

3. I broke a glass today. Not sure why that's a positive thing, since I only had 4 to begin with, but my mom yelled "Mazel tov!" over the phone, so it must be good luck. And I can always use some of that.

4. It was Seffi's half-birthday today! I was excited. He forgot.

5. Slapped together a decent source sheet on women's body image in Judaism for a Rosh Chodesh program (...which never happened). Good to know my powers of both academic and Judaic BS are still intact.

6. Nahum and Elishe gave their beautiful daughter a beautiful name: Maayan Yaira.

7. I borrowed a blanket from Yoni to give to the Melitz educator I'm hosting tonight. Although she is leaving at 5 am, I will not be returning said blanket until the cold snap officially ends. Score.

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