Monday, October 26, 2009

Squishy Sandwiches

Long day. Here goes nothin':

1. Video gchat reunion with Sarah Beth Lopatin. Thanks for remembering the wonders of technology, Slopes. I definitely would have just kept typing.
[Ed. note: she has also now promised to fly down for dinner tomorrow night. I'm expecting you around 7?]

2. Coffee Date #1:
...with the student I called a spiritual seeker. I won't go into her story, but suffice it to say that she really made me think, and the conversation will continue.

3. Followers explosion!
The goal was 20 (thanks, Borgen!) let's go for 30. It's a bit overwhelming - many of my students are bound to find this very, very soon. Prepare yourselves for significantly increased self-censorship.

4. I have just discovered that I have been elected president of the Buy-Strawberries-And-Then-Forget-About-Them-Until-They're-Moldy-In-The-Fridge Club (Just strawberries. No other produce. It's weird.). This is good primarily because it means that I will now stop wasting money on strawberries that I won't eat.

5. I got my "Go Topless" for Breast Cancer prints! If you're female or a blood relative, email me and I'll send them to you. Anybody else will have to be satisfied with the cropped portrait that is currently my facebook picture:

6. My upstairs neighbors are having a party tonight. This means that they AREN'T playing Guitar Hero tonight. Thanks, boys.

7. I came to the conclusion during my lunch break today, that after 13 years of squished peanut butter sandwiches in my brown bag lunch, I in fact ONLY enjoy peanut butter sandwiches when they are squished. Even if I have to manually squish them.

Laila tov, kids. Chalomot paz!

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