Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letters to Inanimate Objects

Along with half of the University of Florida, I'm sick. I think it's the weather. Not to worry - lots of little things made my working-while-blahhhed-out day easier:

1. Sleeping in:
I woke up feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton - and the grey rainy day outside wasn't helping. I decided to go in late and stay late (I love my job), and turned over to go back to sleep for an hour and a half.

2. Going to Israel:
I came in to work to find an email from Taglit - I've been officially approved as a staff member for Birthright! It wasn't exactly a surprise, but it's still nice to know that I'm one step closer to being in Israel in December.

3. Unexpected Time-Savers:
When I'm filling out forms that require an address and have a drop down menu of states, I don't have to scroll down to click on the state of Florida (this is a big change from the alphabetically challenged New Jersey). It may sound absurdly minor, but I'm becoming convinced that the seconds add up.

4. Unexpected learning opportunities:
After untold time spent in day school and 3 1/2 years at JTS, I'm ashamed to admit how little learning I'm doing down here (any potential skype chevrutot - please make yourselves known). So when Mindy Kalya Feldman offered me the opportunity to help complete Masechet Makkot for her great-uncle's yahrtzeit, I jumped at the chance. Thanks, Mindels. I really enjoyed it.
[Ed. Note: I finished on time, Mindels - Saturday night. I just thought to add it to the list today]

5. Dear Tea,
I love you.

6. My Cognitive Psych research for the day (compliments of Lauren Raeya Mendel):
me: i'm back
so stam in that context basically means
"oh, nothing..."
lauren: ooh so you can sorta just make it mean whatever you want
me: the word stam?
not really
it was three meetings
and by that i mean....
it *has three *meanings
God, i'm tired
lauren: HAHA i read it as what you meant lol didnt even notice
me: hahaha
that DEFINITELY says something about how people process information they read

7. Incredibly Talented Friends:
One of my roommates from Nativ, Julie Michelle Hanna, is a brilliantly talented professional photographer. She recently moved back to California to go in a new direction with her work. She also has a brand new website! You can find it here. Way to go, J!

Dear Woot-Off,
Please offer a bluetooth headset,
preferably before I go to sleep.


  1. so glad i could help you learn a little, navs!! thanks for helping out with our last-minute siyyum. the family very much appreciated everyone's learning.

  2. 1. bowls of coffee at LeMonde
    2. being surprised by people, in a good way
    3. five dollar pashminas on the street
    4. office supplies
    5. the way the street looks when everyone has their umbrella up
    6. canceled meetings
    7. root vegetables

  3. 1. a full-time job in a pleasant atmosphere

    2. paying a shiva visit to the Eismans and learning about Jamie's father - the only son in a family of 5 kids whose widowed mother sent him off, in 1939, at age 17, with 5 zloty and the advice to 'head East" after the local Lodz police warned her that the Nazis were targeting red-haired males. 70 years later - a loving wife, three children, six grandchildren - a life well-lived. My heartfelt thanks to the unknown Polish policeman.

    3. Seeing the sun for 10 minutes this afternoon before it disappeared in the rain.

    4. good, forward moving conversations with two often obstinate people (and no, I am not talking about anyone to whom I am related.)

    5. watching a preview of the Hagalil Nativers video for LTI.

    6. filling an entire paper bag with recyclable paper as I searched fruitlessly for the disney rewards card.

    7. calling the disney folks and getting them to put the rewards points from the still missing card back on my account - double Yay!



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