Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Please do not throw hot ash

Still catching up on post-chaggim insanity. Monday:

1. Architecture in Evanston:
There's something slightly fake-looking about Gainesville. Parts of it are pretty, certainly, but the holistic image is somehow off - at least, to a northerner. "Why are there palm trees? I'm not in Israel! Why are all the houses one level? Were any of them built before the seventies?" The atmosphere in Evanston was almost a visual relief.

2. Amelah's tour made me want to go to Northwestern...and almost made me forget that was impossible (given that I already have a B.A. or two...)

3. ...and then we went to Le Peep. Ain't nothing bad about breakfast at lunch.

4. Continuing in the vein of things that made me forget I'm a college graduate, I took Amy shopping for Hillel formal. Obviously, we were successful.

5. Over the summer, I had off-handedly mentioned to Amy that I was jealous of her shirt from Sweet Lou's Waffle Bar, the sadly defunct waffle restaurant owned by Louis Newman. Lo and behold, when I got to Evanston Jonah Newman had a shirt for me! It's absurdly large. I love it anyway.

6. Upon leaving Jonah's apartment, we saw this: that a common issue?

7. The Sefster finagled the guest hakafah out of Shira Chadasha. Even more so, out of Alick Isaacs. Way to be, kiddo.

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