Friday, October 9, 2009

Milk in the Cupboard

[See reason number 7 for an explanation as to why this post is late-ish and picture-less, as well as why the next one will be on Monday night]

1. I got a belated birthday card in the mail from Mindels. Thanks, Chips!

2. A bunch of the frat houses have giant wooden ribbons propped up outside for Breast Cancer Awareness (pictures to follow). I know they're just doing it for the girls. I think I'm comfortable with that.

3. Had a great tour with 2 prospys and their dad...I love students.

4. Lisa (one of my Arts chairs) took me to the Book Lover's Cafe - great restaurant inside a GREAT bookstore. I bought a bunch of books, and perused their Hebrew book section: a translation of The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene, a translation of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and a very old level 2 Hebrew Workbook with the sincerely original inscription, "In case of fire, throw this in first." Awesome.

5. I had an extra-thick caramel macchiato milkshake instead of dinner. Sometimes, you just have to.

6. I tried to put the milk away in the cupboard. Twice. Clearly, I need a vacation...

7. ...which is why I'm in Chicago! Found an incredible flight, staying with Sarit, seeing Amy and Greta, and generally enjoying the spontaneity. Here till Monday evening. Chag sameach and Shabbat shalom!

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