Monday, October 19, 2009

The Slacker Speaks

It's been a lazy weekend, and this is going to be a lazy post (it's almost bedtime, what can I say?).

1. No work! Thanks, homecoming.

2. ...leading me to basically spend the day in bed. Perfect cure for a cold, grey day.

3. Ventured outside for a bit of the parade. Verdict: On a scale of 1 to the Annual Fair Lawn Memorial Day extravaganza, I give it a 4. However, Yoni and I have agreed that come Hell or high water, regardless of who's in Gainesville next year, Hillel will have a float that puts this float to shame:

4. Second foray outside: bought some Shabbos flowers. Lovely.

5. In spite of Homecoming, students actually showed up to shul! Only 20ish (as opposed to 150ish), but I'll take my victories big or small.

6. Gator Growl:
Oh Gator Growl. What a weird and slightly vulgar pep rally. It was odd...but also cute. Dana Carvey [That was the only clean clip I could find. Seriously.] was passable, and Jabbawockeez were INCREDIBLE [That was the show I attended, and doesn't even begin to touch on their breakdancing skills.].

I can't pass a verdict on O.A.R. [Those of you who don't think you know O.A.R. will recognize the song around 3:25.] - the Israelis didn't recognize the music, and voted for us to leave early and head to...

7. The VIP Afterparty! I was tired and went home early, but not before meeting the Jabbawockeez (!!). Oh, and Dana Carvey.

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