Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Numbers 8-14

Okay...much room for improvement on layout, etc. It's a work in progress. Tonight all I have time for is today's reasons, so that I can wake up in time for tomorrow's (they start at 7:30 sharp!).

1. I had a coffee date with a student today (though neither she nor I drank coffee). I know that should be a given in my job, but so far I'm holed up in the office far too much. And I discovered that the student - a gator-eating (literally...eww), perky voiced, blonde sorority girl...wants to be a rabbi? This is why I need time to hang out with students.

2. When people told me that everyone in Gainesville gets around on scooters, I pictured a tiny, silver, foot-powered gadget often seen on city streets. What people meant, however, was that everyone gets around on little girly motorcycles - the kind that Israeli takeout delivery men use (otherwise known as a toos-toos). Which is why every morning on my way to work I see this:

Makes me laugh every time (This is the campus-side view. Street-side is better, I'll try to take one tomorrow).

3. I got a text message from Israel (from Zehava - made my morning!).

4. I finally went to Walgreens, and bought all 3 things I needed (well, Eem temporarily bought 2 of them, until I get my insurance number and she gets reimbursed - thanks!).

5. I thought my flowers (see picture 1, post 1) would die today...instead, the 2 other lilies bloomed!

6. I FINALLY went climbing at the Gainesville Rock Gym (don't worry, I was working while I was there - I brought a student).

Tuesday is Ladies' Day - it was only $10 for the belay class, climbing pass, and gear rental. I now remember that I am a terrible climber, with an irrational fear of falling. It was awesome.

7. My dinner tonight was a sushirito. Not familiar with the term? It's a culinary delicacy - a.k.a. what invariably happens when I attend a roll-your-own sushi night (like tonight's Koach event), accidentally overstuff the seaweed, and have to hold it in both hands, munching like a burrito. Yum...

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