Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It wasn't the weather...

My apologies for delayed posting. I'm crawling back out from under a monstrous sinus infection. So let's start with Wednesday:

1. Readers of the week!
Thanks to my mom's with-it sense of humor, and my tendency towards lo matim comments, Mishpachat Ripps/Kogen are the inaugural Readers of the Week on Steiner's blog. Thanks, Shteins!

2. Sometime this week, there was a wootoff (for more information, see here). During that time, the good people at woot put this "test" video online:

Makes me want to be an inflatable superhero for Purim, for sure.

3. Sarit introduced me to this little product:

Which, while not able to stave off my eventual doctor's visit, did keep my head from exploding. Thanks, Sar.

4. The Sefster made a promotional video about Nativ (the first of many), to be shown at Hagalil's LTI (Leadership Training Institute) this weekend. It's adorable, and I'm so proud! Check it out:

5. On my way to lunch, I saw a guy sporting a hairdo that I really can't classify, except to call it an afrohawk. Without acting like TOO much of a creeper, I got a picture:

Also, please note the October 28th tank top. The weather here is on crack.

6. Look, they have WNLP (Columbia/Barnard Hillel's Wednesday Night Learning Program) here too!

It's just like being at home.

7. I sneezed so hard, my shoe fell off. That must be good luck in SOME culture!

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