Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chazuka, Baby

Let's be honest: there's no one reading this blog who doesn't know what a chazuka is. If I post today...that's it. It's over. Committed for good (or at least for my time in G-ville...). Yalla:

1. The tiniest Dunkin Donuts in the world.

There's a tiny strip of bars and restaurants that I pass on my way to work. Gainesville calls it "midtown." They're wrong, but I'll let that slide. When I moved to town, there was an empty spot at one edge of the strip - a long, thin segment of the building, no wider than a school hallway. A month ago, they started renovating, and turned it into a Dunkin Donuts. It looks like this:

There's no indoor seating, and in fact, no way to get inside at all (unless you're an employee): you place your order through a window, and they hand it to you. Like drive-thru, but walk-thru. I used to laugh at it, but now I'm just amazed by the owner's creativity.

2. Speaking of Dunkin Donuts...there were a bunch of DD coupons waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday afternoon, so this morning I enjoyed a FREE cup of coffee, no strings attached. Phone conversation that ensued on my way to pick up said coffee:

Eemah: But I thought you didn't even like Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Me: I'm tired and it's free. Count me in.


New York Times. On my bed. In Gainesville. If you don't find this thrilling, you must not be my family member or friend. I still don't know if my inferior "affliate" Gator1 ID card works in the the free newspaper machines, but I DID discover that the one by the library is broken, and permanently stuck open. Sweet.

4. I went to my first yoga ever class today. All alone. I was supposed to meet a student, but she couldn't make it at the last second. I really didn't want to like it...but I did. Actually, I loved it, and I can't wait to go back on Friday. And I didn't even feel like a New Age wackjob (except at the end, when we did the "Namaste" bit).

5. No credit card debt for this kid: I paid all my bills today. Destiny's Child should write a song about me.

6. Zahara (my Learning chair) took me to the Wednesday farmer's market. All-organic and local products, and I got to see downtown (I didn't really believe there was one...). Pictures? Why of course!

And here's my personal haul:

Great looking potatoes, eggplant, alfalfa sprouts, garbanzo sprouts (who knew?), and a free pickle from an Israeli farmer (He thought I wouldn't know how to say pickle in Hebrew. He was mistaken.). I'm going to drag Gainesville into winter kicking and screaming, whether they like it or not.

7. Before, when I used to see bananas going brown on the counter, my first thought would be, "Again? Sucks." Now that I taught myself how to bake my mom's banana bread, my first thought is, "Yum!"

...A new feature today: lots of people asked me "Did you write your list of happinesses yet?" at various points throughout the day. My response: "What are yours?" So...what ARE yours? give me seven, four, one, whatever you've got. Amy Krischer has graciously agreed to be the first. Ready? Go.


  1. 1. I bought groceries today (yay food)
    2. I officially decided to join Chi Omega
    3. I met with my college advisor to plan my life and talk about studying abroad (whoo)
    4. I'm seeing John Legend on Friday!
    5. I made $5 today doing a simple study for 5 minutes
    6. I barely did any homework and watched Biggest Loser instead.
    7. Jonah taught me how to make filters on gchat!

  2. Wednesday's list (orginally sent to Helise)

    1. My younger son, who never wanted playdates has become the playdate king.

    2. My older son loved his survival hike.

    3. My daughter went rock climbing for Ladies day at the gym. (what can I say - I live through my children)

    4. It was raining so I couldn't go walking, but I went on the exercycle for a 1/2 hour.

    5. & 6. Grandma had a Drs. appt. in Fair Lawn so she continued on up to the YJCC and joined me at the cafe for lunch (two things - I made my mother happy because I helped fill her day and - she bought lunch!)

    7. Said lunch was Mozzarella with roasted red pepper and fresh basil on seven grain bread - so much better then homemade fruit salad with cottage cheese.

  3. Okay Navah is allowing me to post less than 7 (so people don't have to feel pressure):

    1) I just had lunch in the beautiful Bryant Park sukkah with a friend. SO many different Jews flock there everyday this week.
    2) While in the sukkah, I bumped into 2 friends from Migdal Oz (my school in Israel) got to hang out with them, too. One of those friends is currently postbac-ing for med school, which is kind of my dream. So we made a date to talk. I'm very excited.
    3) I just called a client who I've been working with for 2 weeks to check in on them about their case. They told me that Medicare will be covering their $250,000 transplant in full. Big victory!!
    4) I babysat for my adorable nephew Aaron last night, and my friend Beruria came over to help and chill with me.
    5) My cousin asked me if I could find a "nice biblical or talmudic part" to add to our other cousin's bridal shower toast. This made me laugh a lot. Any ideas?

  4. 1. My magazine writing prof told me she "absolutely loved" the story about Eve.

    2. I found one of my favorite CDs of all time that has been lost for three years!

    3. Two new people are coming for the minyan tonight :-)

    4. I am awake in time for my early class that I've missed all week.

    5. I just drank a delicious chilled chocolate coffee conconction that tasted a bit like heaven.

    6. I am not having a panic attack about my Hebrew Scriptures class that meets later today. Improvement!

    7. The "Wigs" story in "Unbearable Urges" that I just finished. Has me laughing to myself every few minutes seemingly out of nowhere because I remember it - creepy to others, lovely for me.

    Safe travels, Ora v'simcha :-)



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