Friday, October 16, 2009

Double or Nothing

1. No, I didn't make it to bed by midnight tonight. However, I will get 8 hours of sleep. Thank you, Gainesville, you crazy town, for declaring a city holiday in honor of homecoming.

2. Falcon Heene is alive and on the ground. This is unquestionably a good thing. Now, will someone please take him and his brothers away from their nutjob parents, and make said parents pay the state for all resources they wasted searching for him? Awesome, thanks.

3. Tonight I went to Hatha Yoga. According to what Seffi calls "the encyclopedia of everything," that's just regular yoga. As opposed to UF's Gentle Yoga, which is apparently Yoga for Wusses. Progress? Just humor me and say yes.

4. Remembering music that had slipped my mind:
I walked into Starbucks after yoga (has a Jappier sentence ever been typed?), and Closer to Fine was playing. Oh Indigo Girls, how I love you so.

5. Google Reader:
How did I not know this thing existed? So that's where all the posts go after I click "follow blog." Procrastination possibilities have suddenly increased tenfold.

6. I actually got up in time to daven this morning. I really need to keep doing that - it's much more personal than simply sending my regards to Hashem through our mutual friends.

7. Our Director of Finance misspelled my name...resulting in a delay in my health insurance taking effect:

Not to worry: I also received two identical (correct) dental insurance cards. Take a look:

Is that an even trade? I'm still undecided. Additionally - if I go to the dentist, and have a theoretical co-pay of $40 on an $80 visit, but I present them with BOTH cards, does that mean I get to go for free?


  1. 1. Two of my tutoring students had their Bnei Mitzvah yesterday, and they did AWESOME. This is good, both because they did awesome and because I finally no longer have to deal with the frustratingly irresponsible family of one of theirs.

    2. I had a fantastic day yesterday, spent almost exclusively with a new friend. I like new friends!

    3. My brother is in Austin for a conference this weekend. Tonight he will be my first guest at my (not so new anymore) condo! (Well, besides my mother).

    4. It is 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, and I have finished all of my readings for classes for the week! The nature of a doctoral program means there's a billion more pages of reading to do besides for class, but I won't think about that for now.

    5. Texas won in football yesterday, which is mostly good because you don't want to deal with 50,000 people depressed about losing to Oklahoma (which we were pretty close to doing). I also made a delicious baked brie, which just made the football game all that much better.

    6. I spoke with a large portion of my best friends from UNC this morning on Skype, which is always an adventure. 8 computers, 4 time zones, and 8 people with not large attention spans makes for a good time.

    7. I posted on Navah's blog so now she can stop bugging me :-p

  2. 1. Those sixth graders I'm teaching, the ones who were sadly in need of ritalin two years ago when I had then in fourth grade - well either they got some or they've grown up a little because I enjoyed teaching them today.

    2. The four USYers who ended up going to the Knicks/Maccabi Tel Aviv game could have gone by themselves and I could have had a free afternoon - but they were a stellar four - and I would have ended up doing something else really boring - like cleaning my house.

    3. I started my first on-line course. A 1-credit course at Hebrew College - it's a graduate credit - how many more will I need for that PhD? Can I add it to the MLS and the MA and trade them in? Please?

    4. Took Matan to Grandma's for dinner. She bought deli - no cooking and no cleaning up - a nice way to start off the week.

    5. The weather is going to get warmer tomorrow - and it only poured in my little corner of NJ when I was asleep.

    6. Those nutjob parents you spoke about - it was a hoax and you may get your wish.

    7. Someone else did that load of underwear that was filling up the laundry basket (of course I still have to fold it...)



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