Thursday, October 15, 2009

Must Show ID Upon Entry

1. Sneaking into stuff:
So the thing about my Gator1 card's kind of pointless. Like, theoretically it can be useful, but only if I cover up the little line under my picture that says "affiliate," rather than "student," AND hold it at an angle so that the people IDing me can't see that it says "Campus Ministries" (yes, that's right, I'm a minister now. I was ordained by the Church of the Gator).

But the funny thing is - all the stuff that I do get to use my Gator1 for, is somehow made cooler by the fact that I'm being slightly, harmlessly duplicitous. When I signed in to yoga today, I kind of felt the same way I did the last time I bought a kartisiyat noar (children's bus pass) for the Jerusalem bus system...on my 22nd birthday. It was awesome.

2. Not owing money:
I got an envelope from GRU in the mail. I thought it was a utilities bill. Nope, just a printed notification that I activated online bill pay. Sweet.

3. Gator Growl!
Got a free ticket for Gator Growl (the insanely huge concert/pep rally on Friday that leads up to the homecoming game on Saturday) today through work. 92,000 drunk screaming co-eds and young alums doesn't exactly sound awesome, but I think I can handle it to see Dana Carvey, O.A.R., and the Jabbawockeez (definitely most excited to see them). Plus, it looks like I might get to meet them at the afterparty, conveniently located at Hillel (gotta love our proximity to the stadium!).

4. Conversation had today between myself and a nameless friend, who works for a nameless Jewish non-profit in Manhattan:
1:58 PM Friend: hullo
me: hey
2:01 PM how are you?
Friend: good. trying to bury some bones
in the 80s they found a skeleton in ______
and its in a bag in the closet
me: no way
Friend: so i contacted the hebrew free burial society to try and get it buried
crazy right?
2:03 PM me: they just left it in the closet for 20 years??
Friend: yes
so i have now made it my mission
2:04 PM me: wow

5. Free(ish) things:
Tonight, I finally had to pay for the sushi I've been lifting from Hillel on Wednesdays (I never eat my free lunch. I figure it's an even trade). On the upside...

Wait. There is no upside to paying for something which was once free. On the other hand, I paid $5 for 6 weeks of sushi. Let's call it even.

6. Ruminating:
I love If you're unfamiliar, start here.

You can't just post whatever you're thinking - you submit, and then the site administrators decide what they approve of. Today I was posted for the first time! Please pardon the expletive, and click here. My goal is 100 Gourmet points. Help me out!

7. I'm going to bed before 1 am! This may not sound like an accomplishment, but trust me....
Tomorrow's goal: midnight!

Post your SDRs, people. I'm waiting...


  1. 1. Finally appreciating my haircut.
    2. Cold weather.
    3. Sweater coats
    4. A week that has been less terrifying and more surprising than I imagined.
    5. Brooklyn
    6. Coffee
    7. Cookies from the Levain Bakery

  2. 1. A dress made out of sweatshirt material, and a cheery patterned umbrella. Perfection on a dreary rainy day on the LES
    2. Staying home for Shabbos for the first time in a significant while, and getting invited out for both meals
    3. Interns
    4. The DOT's new pedestrian mall along Allen Street, which brings plants where Jewish prostitutes once roamed (seriously, take my walking tours for the gory details.)Crossing the street is much more pleasant now.
    5. (Cheating, this was yesterday, but still)A 60-something year old docent at the museum told me that he loved my dark green nailpolish. The executive director stopped our staff meeting to tell me the same.
    6. Attending a memoir-writing class tonight. Working at a cultural institution definitely has its perks. I get to learn Yiddish, comp my friends for free tickets to concerts, and more- all for free!
    7. And, since it is Thursday, I am only 2 hours away from my weekend!



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