Thursday, October 22, 2009

The United States of Alligators

About to be caught up...I can almost taste it...

1. Kum Kum!
Though the cold snap has DEFINITELY ended, I am often in the mood for a cup of tea. Until yesterday, I've been at a loss as to how to fix that. But now...I have a kum kum (electric tea kettle)! It's a hand-me-down from a student, but I think it works fine.

2. Health insurance:
An hour and a half of waiting on line later, I got $160 of my $230 back in an insurance reimbursement. $230 for 2 prescriptions? Pharmaceuticals companies must be making a killing. Two army brats and I were the only ones in line with any sort of insurance. THIS is why we need health care reform now.

3. Check out our First Lady, promoting fitness and activity for kids:

You go, Michelle.

4. In the Manoah office today, I found our old (pre-me, pre-Yoni) student interest cards. I wonder why we retired them?

Ah yes, beer as an area of interest. Way to go, Hillel.

5. When Greta was Tzedek chair at UNC, she ran a Gift of Life bone marrow registration drive. Her Hillel director signed up. Last year, he matched with a 7 year old boy...but both of their identities were hidden one from the other. A month or so ago (as soon as he was permitted to), the director released his personal information. Yesterday I got an email from Greta that the family of the child whose life he saved has contacted him, and they're planning to meet. Incredible!

6. Yael Shoham called from Israel! Catching up with old friends is simply blissful.

7. The Gator Nation:
I'm pretty sure these pictures speak for themselves.

Oh, Gainesville.

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