Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Curse of the Gebler

Yesterday, Avishai told me he was "envious of [my] consistency" ...and I missed my first post for non-chag reasons. He'd prefer that I call it "a reality-check, to make you be more conscious and aware and leading to better blogging and quality of life." I'm gonna go with curse.

1. Blankets:
Totally and completely slept through the alarm I set to lock the door behind the Melitz educator (if you were hoping to rob my apartment at a time when I had conveniently left my door unlocked, you totally missed your chance), and woke up late. Having missed my walking time with Em, I flung myself out of bed, grabbed the borrowed blanket off my futon, and crawled back under it for 20 minutes. Ahh...

2. I have a new appreciation for my mother's ability to return mail-ordered clothing in a timely manner. In the nick of time, I got three packages to the Post Office. Goodbye, ill-fitting boots, unexpectedly giant messenger bag, and poorly-made dress. I'll take my $150 back now, thanks.

3. The chippim blog!
To be fair, Steiner started it when she went to Melbourne. But I have unexpectedly revived the chippim (a.k.a Barnard friends) blog movement. Check out the handy dandy link box on the right-hand side of the page.

4. I might be a blogger, but I'm still a Luddite...
me: i'm pretty sure an automated teller just got angry with me
Greta: hahahahaha
4:59 PM me: i was calling bank of america
bc i paid my credit card bill early
like, 2 weeks ago
and it was due today
and still showed up as unpaid online
but when i called, i didn't have the credit card out
so the automated woman said, "please enter your account number"
and i didn't
5:00 PM and then "i'm sorry, i didn't get that. please enter your account number or your social security number"
so i entered my social
and then she said, "i'm sorry, i didn't get that. please enter your account number or social security number NOW."
so i hung up on her.
5:01 PM because she's not real.
Greta: hahahahhahaa
me: right?
i was so flustered
until i remembered it was a talking computer.

5. Being Bilingual:
Sometimes, I forget what a gift it is that I speak two languages. And then I move fluidly between Hebrew and English within the same conversation, and I'm so grateful. My parents would say, "Schechter dollars at work!" To which I reply, "Thank you."

6. It is almost unheard of for me to be in the mood to consume alcohol (unless, of course, I'm already sitting in a bar). Yet yesterday afternoon I inexplicably was - in the mood for an amaretto sour, to be precise (Shut up, I know, it's girly. I drink beer, too). And then...Yoni decided to take Dana and myself out for a drink. Now granted, having a work thing at 10 pm as an antidote to being stressed out at work is a bit unproductive. But it was fun, and I still achieved number 7.

7. In bed. Lights out. 12:30 (hence the lack of blog post). Tonight's goal: midnight!

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