Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday: Moccasins, Sweaters, and Laughing at the Rain

I never went to sleep on Friday night...waited up till my 3:30 am shuttle, got to Orlando at 5:20, got on the plane at 7:30, and was at Northwestern before 11 am.

1. Between the shuttle, the plane, and the other shuttle, I finally read all those NY Times I had gathered. Heavenly.

2. As I exited O'Hare, I did two things I thought I'd have to postpone until Thanksgiving: put on a coat and close-toed shoes.

3. My first stop was at Northwestern, to see Amy!

4. ...and some lovely fall leaves. Even in the grey rain, they were gorgeous.

5. Finally got a haircut. Shaggy Navah has been banished by Ming the magician. Thanks, Ming!

6. Bought a reallllllly comfy sweater at a secondhand store. I have since worn it 3 times.

7. Took the El to...Sarit!

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