Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hayom Yom Multimedia

Wednesday: Enjoy!

1. Equality (and those of any age who fight for it):

2. Life cycle events, and seeing Israel through new eyes:
Elderly Jews finally become adults, decades after turning 13 - Haaretz - Israel News

3. Bad yoga class:
If finally happened: I went to a yoga class - and it was TERRIBLE. I was late, my hip was sore, I almost did a backwards somersault on the shoulder stand. But to tell you the truth? I'm so relieved. With any new commitment - hobby, magazine subscription, relationship - I can't help but get nervous waiting for the other shoe to drop. So now that it has, I can rest assured that even when I have a bad class, I'll keep going. It's a satisfying feeling.

4. Miriam's Gchat status: "it is both national pumpkin cheesecake day and national love your body day. coincidence? i think not." ...amazing.

5. Actress Tal Sharoni (of the adorable סרוגים) has a new show:


6. Yoni and I had promised to take Manoah out for ice cream (slash secret evaluation of the semester thus far), and last night we finally got to go. Since Mallory (one of the arts chairs) is vegan, we went to a vegan-friendly establishment called Karma Cream. It was totally adorable, and we had a great time. In fact (prepare yourself for a momentous and probably outlandish statement), if I had to choose whether or not to stay in G-ville for a second year solely based on last night, I would totally do it.

...Cool your jets, people. It's only October.

7. Adorable children:
There was a klezmer band at Hillel last night. We didn't invite them; they asked if they could come (for a CD release party). While filming them for our soon-to-be live "This Week at Hillel" Youtube videos (Hello new bane of my existence - I don't want to talk about it), I also got some choice moments with Yaldei Kaiser-Blueth.

Shai Shai:

Zoe loves the Gators (and knows the fight song?):

And a very very long one where Zozo teaches me to play checkers (the last 45 seconds are cute):

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