Sunday, November 8, 2009

...And Picking it back Up Again.

1. Seffi's hair is safe!
...For those of you would do not read, allow me to update you. Seffi has a friend on Nativ named Joey. Joey is a Phillies fan. Seffi and Joey have been watching the World Series together, and they had a little bet: Fan of the losing team must shave the logo of the winning team into the back of their head. Baruch Hashem, Seffi's hair is intact...and Joey has quite the new hairstyle.

2. I saw a new part of campus today. I love it when that happens.

3. Ema and Tanni have made it to Orlando. That's one step closer to visiting me!

4. I sent in my Kivun application. Completing that thing was an accomplishment in and of itself. And now, we wait.

5. There's a mezuzah on the door of the AEPhi house! ...made me feel a little bit better about going there to sit through treify mctreiftreif lunch. Hello, salad bar.

6. Manoah (the student leadership board) planned out their programs through the end of semester. That means the semester's almost over. Whoa.

7. I might be a Mets fan (a.k.a. glutton for mid-July punishment, season after season), but I'm still from the tri-state area. So what the heck: Yankees win!

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