Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tricycles for Grown-Ups and Schadenfreude

1. I am the printer whisperer. Our ridiculous machine kept me in the office for an extra hour and a half (!), but in the end it caved to my jam-solving prowess.

2. Following said printing fiasco, I arrived home with 14 minutes until Shabbos...and still managed to shower and get dressed in time to light candles.

3. The flowers Yaffa gave me have only blossomed and gotten better with time, and were perfect as Shabbat began. Thanks, Yaffa!

4. A moment of schadenfreude: on my way to Hillel, I saw five kids bending over a gutter, fishing for a cellphone. I felt bad, but it was hysterical.

5. I also saw an adult on a red tricycle. I didn't know those existed outside of Kiawah!

6. I didn't have to lead Kiddush!

7. I sat with two hysterical student couples whom I LOVE. One partner of each pair is converting, and they're so open about what the process is meaning for them. It was a great night.

1 comment:

  1. THE ADULT ON THE RED TRIKE IS UNCLE RICH!!!!! That's Robbie's uncle! He's not all there, but he knows a lot about music...



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