Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chodesh Tov!

1. Oh, Mark Bittman. How I love your simple, witty collections of 101 recipes. This one is an overgrown pre-Thanksgiving brainstorm. Bonus: more than half of them are kosh.
(Watch his videos on He's a gem.)

2. Daily heartwarming tale of Israeli humanitarianism? Look no further.

3. It's Kislev! Yay!

4. This article is a cute take on the Charleston Jewish community - and Kiawah has a shoutout! Interestingly, they skipped over Pita King. Chaval. The world needs to know about that Southern bastion of Yiddishkeit and arsim.

5. Dave-o Deerson has Gmail! Prepare for much chatting, Maryland Buddy.

6. November Flowers in Gville: 3 in a Series...

7. My second rumination has been published! Please "gourmet" me here. (Don't worry, Ema. I still take my vitamin. I just don't believe it DOES anything.)


  1. navs, sadly pita king has closed :(. we discovered this on the last kiawah chippim trip. very chaval.

  2. also- why are we the same? I've already printed this 101 recipe list and filed it with my cookbooks, PLUS I made the Israeli couscous with orange, mint and pecan for Shabbos lunch. mmmmm.

  3. yay, twins! see you in less than 48 hours...



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