Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy New Notebook Day!

1. Most productive day of my life thus far in Gainesville. Started a new notebook, filled a full page with my to-do list, and knocked them off one by one. Bonus: Getting in before 9 means leaving at 5:30 (before coming back at 9 for an event...but still).

2. Elf Yourself is back! Much holiday procrastination madness will now ensue (Thanks for the tip, GBD).

3. I got a Facebook chat from Warsaw today. Hi Helise!

4. The real question is - who DOESN'T love lunch?

5. Ezak's guest post on Nina's blog. I laughed out loud.

6. Faster internet = access to my work email from home! Don't worry, that doesn't mean I'll sit at home working all the time now. It just means that if I want to, I CAN.

7. The Na Nach swipe, courtesy of Avishai Natan Gebler.

I just have so many questions:
- Is this man for real?
- Do Breslavers really call themselves "Na Nachs"?
- "Down with the forces of evil!" Umm, what?
- Does this man not realize that he could also be identifying himself to the casual observer as a resident of Atlanta?
- The list goes on...

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