Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hayom Yom EMA v'TANNI!!


1. Being able to hear:
One of my students who wants to be an audiologist had to find some subjects to practice on in the lab, and I was first. Good news: I can hear.

2. Planned a day of fun in Gville for Ema and Tanni.

3. Shoutout on Seffi's blob! It's true: I know a lot about a lot of sports, but I still think that innings should go from bottom to top, rather than top to bottom. My logic is flawless: if you're counting UP to 9, then you go from bottom of the 1st to the top, which then flows into the bottom of the 2nd...I have to bring this to the MLB. Be the change you wish to see, right?

4. Speaking of baseball, Joe Girardi had a REALLY busy night. What a good guy.

5. Nina Zoe Cohen taught me how to add reactions to the glob. Thanks, Niners.

6. My apartment is SO clean. Imminent arrival of Ema = intense motivation to be neat. Em, you should visit all the time.

7. EMA and TANNI! In my apartment!!

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