Sunday, November 1, 2009

...We're So Happy


1. Having no Shabbat responsibilities:
Insane though it may be that our Shabbos programming is dictated by the football schedule, this week, it was welcome.

2. Flaga - It's one word.
Today was the annual Florida/Georgia game (also known as Fla/Ga). In addition to having a huge rivalry, Georgia was the original SEC team to taunt Gator fans' sense of style, with the chant, "Gators wear jean shorts." This Dawgs fan is starting young:

For the record, Gators won, 41-17.

3. Deserted Gville:
Almost everyone I know (and several thousand people I don't) went to the "neutral" territory of Jacksonville for Fla/Ga. As a result, Gainesville was empty. It was great.

4. Shabbos Yoga:
Only time I left the house all day (nearly fell over afterward). I have this weird hunch that it wasn't Shabbos for anyone else in the room...

5. I am completely caught up on the New York Times. The next time this is scheduled to happen is in 2013.

6. Love this picture of the President and First Lady handing out Halloween candy.
What do you mean, why isn't the President dressed up? Obviously, he went as Mr. Rogers.

7. Ahh, the childhood memories of Halloween: not being allowed to dress up ("it's a Pagan holiday, Navah"), worrying that the other kids on the block were going to beat me up because we handed out raisins fun. I DO remember enjoying my mom's stories about trick-or-treating for UNICEF, however. For more info, see this article:

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