Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Week of Thanksgiving...Day 1: My Favorite Cat Lady

Hi Guys,
In honor of Thanksgiving (and being home in the Northeast, where I have copious amounts of things to be thankful for!), I've decided to have a week of guest bloggers share what they're thankful for throughout the week. First up: Greta Beth Deerson (she's the gorgeous blonde).

Greta is one of my two first cousins on my mom's side. She's about 18 months older than me, and since neither one of us have sisters (and our side of the fam is absurdly tight-knit regardless), we're pretty close. She also happens to be the most hysterical person I know.

(P.S. Gretch - this is the only picture I could find of us online...I sense a photo shoot at Grandma's tomorrow. Prepare yourself.).

Anyway...I'm fighting the very strong urge to comment on each section of Greta's list, and presenting them to you as sent. Enjoy, and keep thinking of your Seven Daily Reasons - you never know when I may call on you to show them to the world!

1. One day until I see my mom.

2. St. Louis has a program called Kulanu for students with special needs, and I am a tutor for the program... "Kulanu provides Hebrew and some Judaic education for children, who, for a variety of reasons, have difficulty in a classroom situation. The program focuses on the particular needs and strengths of each child with special needs through individualized Hebrew and Judaic instruction." Today my "tutee" learned her last letters (fey, fey sofeet, chaf and chaf sofeet)!! She can now read any word - rockin'! (Still has some work to do on the names of letters...but it will come...and then script....)

3. Dinner at Pi. It's delish. Just ask Obama (Obama loved the pizza so much that he called Sommers to thank him personally. And after his November win, the Pi menu featured a commemorative pizza — the Broccoli O'Bama — to celebrate...check it out on Obama Foodorama). The sauce comes on top of the cheese at Pi which makes it very convenient for me to avoid eating the HUGE chunks of tomato (although probably less convenient for whoever has to wash my plate...gross).

4. I have a cat sitter. Something to be thankful for....for real. I dropped off my keys and then went home to write her a four or so page e-mail about all the specifics of the apartment (turn the knob to the left not the right to get in, Sam prefers to drink from human cups so they're all over the place filled with water, feel free to watch any of the teeny bopper movies on the dvr, do you like caramel? we have a container in the fridge, if you want it take it, we'll never use it). She hasn't written back - if she still wants to be my friend now that she knows what a neurotic kitty mom I am, that will be something else to be thankful for.

5. "What's Jewish About Social Work?" A local Rabbi led a shiur today at the Social Work School. My take home message - it's great to be a social worker, and it's great to be Jewish. Yay for me. They got kosher food since the Rabbi was coming but he didn't eat any....(neither did was cold cuts, barf).

6. Andrea can drive me to the airport tomorrow. No metro, no cabs. Sweet life.

7. I observed an AA meeting today for a paper I need to write. It was amazing. Seriously. I was thanked for being there 3 times during the meeting, because the people at the meeting think it's important for people who are going into helping professions (they said who are going to be counselors, but i am not going to be a counselor so...) to come to AA and learn about alcoholism, and the support in that room was very powerful. I want to join AA and I don't even really drink socially.

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