Monday, November 2, 2009

Soup's On

1. Three weeks until Jersey!

2. Sarita's Links:
Whenever I post a gchat status whining about being in need of something, I'm really just venting. And yet, Sarit usually takes the time out of her day (aka, needs an excuse to procrastinate) to find whatever it is I'm looking for. Today, she found me a great looking immersion blender. Thanks, Sar.

3. A conversation on the above gchat status with Avishai (Middlename?) Gebler:
Avishai: its only one of the best kitchen utensils
Avishai: though
not to be used to make chummus
for the record.
me: really?
Avishai: food processor = very yes
immersion blender = very no
Avishai: mortar and pestle = very tiring

3. The Joy of Cooking with Abba:
My father has a...umm...dry sense of humor. So imagine my surprise when I called home for culinary advice tonight, and instead of directing me to my mother, my father gave a dramatic reading of the entire Joy of Cooking article on vegetable stock.

4. ...The reading didn't help in the slightest, but I still made soup. It didn't even come close to the two best soups I've ever had (immersion-blended zucchini goodness by Ariel Irwin, and crazy fast cauliflower and petrozilia broth by Zehava Tesfay and Hila Danino), but it stuck to my ribs and made the whole apartment smell like winter.

1. November Flowers in Gville: 1 in a series...

7. I am the true guitar heroine:
It occurred to me tonight that the near-constant electric guitar tuning that makes my room vibrate and my ears hum may in fact be coming from downstairs (rather than the previously hypothesized upstairs). After much deliberation, I marched downstairs to ask them to turn down their amp. I knocked on the door. And knocked again. And a third time, for good measure. No one ever came to the door, but miraculously, when I went back up to my room...all was quiet. I win, at least for tonight.

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