Monday, November 2, 2009

Seriously, Derek. Seriously.

1. Whew. Julie doesn't HAVE a middle name (see yesterday). I feel much better.

2. Yet again, popular culture is just tagging along behind the Jews. We're such trendsetters.

3. Speaking of weddings, in searching for that article, I discovered that someone, somewhere, once got married wearing THIS:

4. There are Chanukah candles on the shelves at Publix!

5. In addition to saving my life and my sanity with her Hillel expertise at least once a week, Chanel Elizabeth Dubofsky is a brilliant writer (I didn't know the middle name. I had to ask.). Check out some of her new stories here.

6. Took an hourlong walk-and-talk on the phone with my mom. Things I discovered: I'm walking distance from Mother Earth (awesome hippie supermarket I've yet to fully explore), and pseudo-walking distance from Walgreens. Life is very good.

7. As a graduate of the elections process in USY, I have a soft spot in my heart for any organization that allows kids to occasionally dress in suits, act like they're 30, and care WAY too much about something. This weekend, UF hosted just such an opportunity: 20,000 Florida high school students convened on campus for the Florida Blue Key Debate Competition. Best overheard quote of the weekend:

"Seriously, Derek. Lots of people conquered the New World, NOT just the Spanish. Seriously."

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