Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go Heels!


1. UNC Basketball! Life is good. Kudos to Alyssa (middlename?) Kaye for this quote: "UNC basketball reminds me of a Broadway play. The cast may change from time to time, but they always perform. And at the end there is always a standing ovation." - ESPN commentator
(Someday, I will find a TV, and then I will be able to see the quotes uttered for themselves. Though for now, the bouncing triangles on GameTracker are much appreciated. Thanks, CBSSports.)

2. Tom, the completely insane airport shuttle driver. At first, his endless chatter was annoying, but eventually I realized that he had an encyclopedic knowledge of North and Central Florida. It was a pretty comprehensive history lesson on the 2 hour drive.

3. Tom also asked me if my name was German, or possibly Scandinavian - lending more support to Nina Zoe Cohen's theory of how I got my hair color.

4. How amazing is this book? ...It appears I have inherited my mom's love of children's lit.

5. Today, I attempted to type in "" - and instead landed at sparksnotes. Whoa. Blast from the I-never-read-the-books-in-high-school past.

6. The Nexus is unveiled. (And looks suspiciously like an uglier Lerner...)

7. Faster internet has arrived. Huzzah!

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