Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Very Unique Shlichus

1. Today was Gainesville's Downtown Art Festival. I wandered around for four hours, and totally got heatstroke - but it was worth it. See below for details.

2. 16 month old + paint = adorable:

3. There was an Israeli artist at the fair! Check out his work:

4. The only things I purchased were a Chanukah present for my mom (you're welcome, Sefsta and Tan) and a vase for myself. The present remains a surprise, but here's the vase:

5. I happened upon a link to the live feed of the Chabad "Kinus HaShluchim" banquet tonight. Literally the minute I clicked on, I saw Mendel Goldman - the UF Chabad rabbi's elementary school-aged son - sharing this quotable quote as part of the kids' presentation:

"We have a very unique shlichus...the University of Florida has the largest Jewish population in the country...over 7,000 yiddishe neshamos."

Well, Mendel. That may be true, but I'm on a very unique shlichut of my own, and I'll fight you for those neshamot. Put up your dukes, kid.

6. Gap has a new holiday commercial...but I'm not sure how I feel the phrase "Do-whatever-you-wanna-kah." What are your thoughts? (Thanks to Yaffa for letting me know about the commercial's existence!)

Check out the Cheer Factory for lots more where that came from.

7. I wish I could embed this, but you'll just have to click through to see my mad hip hop skillz (taken from a great scavenger hunt peulat erev this summer that Noa Havivi uploaded tonight).

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  1. American Family Association not going to buy any of their Christmas presents at Gap and subsidiaries.,0,2040716.story

    I think their mission statement is to boycott every company in America.



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