Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Church of the Gator

1. My hepcat mother allayed my fears that someone's taken out a hit on me...and shot in the foot my dreams of having gazillions of rando readers. Take a gander:

me: people in kfar chabad
either love me
or are plotting my assassination
they visit basically on the hour
11:09 AM lindaripps: not necessarily. I learned when I was working on the book sharing project that IP addresses are very sneaky things. If I remember correctly, there is a huge IT station somewhere near B'nai Brak - I think IDT runs it - it's a place where haradi woman can work.
11:10 AM me: oh. huh. so this reader might not actually be in kfar chabad??
11:16 AM lindaripps: exactly - they might not even be in Israel.
me: whoa
but more likely, it's seffi or shosh

2. Second-best print ad I've seen in a long time:

3. ...And the best:

4. Winter must be on its way: my neighbors have transitioned from Halloween to Christmas!

5. I passed by this church today with Dana and said, "Ooh, it looks like a Stegasaurus." She replied, "'s probably a Gator."

What's your verdict: Intentional architecture, or just a coincidence?

6. The New Oxford American Dictionary word of the year is "unfriend." And the decline of Western civilization continues.

7. This kid is absurdly precocious - even his father seems amused - but I do admire his plucky resolve:


  1. it DOES look like a Steg or a Gator. How did I never notice that?

  2. I LOVE that these places are familiar to you. Finally, someone who understands!



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