Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ema and Tanni's DAY OF FUN!

Pop culture pop quiz: What is the original TV quote on which I based today's post title? (Shteins. You got this.)

1. Totally ignored our planned day of fun, in favor of chilling in my apartment. It was perfect.

2. Visited with Rabbi Kaiman at Bnai Israel. Ema got to hang out with an old old friend...Tanni and I played pick-up sticks. Not a bad deal.

3. Finally went to Leonardo's, cultural institution and much beloved pizza place. The verdict? For all that we whine about the state of kosher pizza, hechshered pizza in New York is 3 zillion times better than any pizza in Gville, hands down.

4. Most amazing completion of a homework assignment EVER:

For more info, click here.

5. Got to light candles with Em and the Tanster (what up, early Shabbos)...and then quickly took off my married-looking bandana, so my mom would stop giving me the stinkeye. No worries, Em, I'm not getting hitched anytime soon.

6. [Rabbi] Aaron Alexander was our scholar in residence over Shabbat. Friday night he ran a great session on Jewish conceptions of the soul. Nice.

7. Fall Shab clothing infusion from my family's suitcases: it's like shopping, without spending money. Sweet.


  1. Damn you Seffi for reading this before me. Yes, Nav, I totally had this. And I can do the nasal New York accent really well...

  2. ouch...damn me? that hurts shteindizzle



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