Sunday, November 8, 2009


1. Saturday was Sarit Rachel Horwitz's birthday: לחברינו שרית רחל...יומולדת שמה!

2. The Jewish Standard, straight from the Jerz. Never has a finer newspaper been published.

3. Bananagrams. Best housewarming present possible.

4. Greta chose a practicum. (Awhile ago, but still.). Mazel tov!

5. I have discovered (via youtube celebration of his mom's 90th birthday) that my cousin Eddie Buchbinder (who is older than my parents) has dreads that are longer than my hair. Awesome.

6. Serendipitous Coincidences:
After two hours of back-and-forth about dinner motzei Shabbos, Tanni agreed to forgo his beloved mac n' cheese in favor of Panera. We got there, and lo and behold, Panera now serves mac n' cheese. Everybody goes home happy! Hello, salad bar (this is becoming a theme...).

7. I bought a picture frame. Soon to follow: the first thing to go up on my walls - my Birkat Habayit from Greta!

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