Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to Work

1. Hey look! Ariel Irwin is famous! (...and one of the most fun people to live with, ever. But that part I already knew.)

2. My work computer is completely, totally busted. The reasons are unclear, but to be honest having a forced less-than-productive day definitely cushioned my re-entry.

3. Good to see our nation's pop stars still use their lyrical abilities for the good of our youth:

4. Cooking for myself again.

5. ...from a fully stocked kitchen. Thanks, Publix.

6. If IgniteLearning had been around when I was in elementary school, I would probably be much better at math:

(Thanks for the link, Alli Rose.)

7. Getting enough sleep again. I could get used to this.


  1. does jason mraz want to marry me? oh wait, you said he called for me yesterday? i thought so.

  2. "Mraz also owns an avocado farm in Northern San Diego County near Fallbrook."

    ...if wikipedia says it, it must be true.



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