Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Sibling Shabbaton

1. For shul this morning, Seffi and I held an alternative meditative service. In other words, we had an impassioned argument near the Dan Panorama about where to daven, and then went back to Beit Nativ to hang out. Lovely.

2. Lunch at Sylvie's!

3. Followed by hanging out with Bentzi...sorry we were was late.

4. Ripps/Kogen sibling havdalah. Read: we ran around looking for maariv for 20 minutes, gave up, sang both "Shavua Tov" and "No Smoking," and called it a new week.

5. Erev Nativ 24 with Shosh, Sarit, Avi, and Akiva.

6. Yael and David!

7. Hanging out with Seffi's friends. It's great to get a taste of his life here.

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