Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bless Those Swiss...

1. Woke up to see these mountains out the airplane window:
Dan tells me they aren't the Alps...regardless, they were beautiful.

2. Deplaned directly to a shuttle bus on the tarmac. Now I can say I've been outside in Switzerland.

3. Against all odds, I made the second flight...thanks to the boisterous and inebriated Birthright group making the same connection.

4. Somehow, the plane wasn't full, and I had a row all to myself. Ahhh...

5. Swissair was showing Mulan! It's always the right time to hear that terrific soundtrack (Fun fact: Mulan is the only Disney movie which I was never afraid of as a child.)

6. And then they served us ice cream. Oh, how I love the Swiss.

7. Shab in the Jerz. Oh hey there, family.

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