Thursday, January 14, 2010

Na Na Na Na Everyday

1. The resilience of my peace lily (a housewarming present from my maternal grandmother). When I left for break, I resigned myself to its certain demise. I got back to my apartment Sunday night to find this:

Sad times for the lily. But a mere 36 hours later (after some enthusiastic watering and many mumbled prayers), it looked like this:

Way to go, peace plant!

2. Nice work, Google. Score one for freedom of speech (and thought...movement...lots of basic human rights that the Chinese currently lack, really.).

3. New season of Srugim!! (Thanks for the link, Shoshie Sprague.) If you aren't yet watching this addictive soap opera, start now (This site has the first season, with Hebrew subtitles. If you don't speak Hebrew, we can work out a tutoring situation.).

4. On my list of responsibilities for the new semester: more time on campus. Yay!

5. Work PC is still busted. On the up side, I now know more about Java than I ever thought possible. Computers are fascinating.

6. Lunch with a student.

7. Fairly uneventful (read: negative) day...and then I went to hip hop class for the first time. Instant stress relief, plus I learned that I have not been paying close enough attention to the radio over the past 6 months - there are some solid candidates for new guilty pleasure song out there.

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