Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The March on Jerusalem

1. Editing Seffi's paper. It's perverse how much I love to edit.

2. Learning with Rachie at Harova. I hope you weren't too bored!

3. Sitting with both Shteiner Shsisters at Shiur Klali.

4. I had some trouble with the class, but at the end there was quite the memorable quote: "Unity is not uniformity. Unity cannot be tested unless there is diversity."

5. Sushi with Seffi! Part 1 of our whirlwind Israeli restaurant tour.

6. After dinner, Seffi and I met up with Raffi and Alex, as well as some other friends of Seffi's from high school.

(Get it? MLK Jr.! ...Seffi is "Jr.")

7. ...and then Elan (one of Seffi's friends from high school) asked the harpist in the middle of Ben Yehuda if he could play. And he did.

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