Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yom Yerushalayim

1. Har Herzl. Definitely an "aha" moment for more than one of my students.

2. Israeli Hygiene.
For 1/3 of the program run by the soldiers in our group, the students had to pass around a bar of chocolate, sharing increasingly smaller bites. There is absolutely no way they would have agreed to play that game pre-trip. I love Israel.

3. For another 1/3 of the program, we learned a game called "HaTzayad" (The Hunter). Much hilarity ensued:

4. Dinner with Sarit and Shosh!

5. Running into Ilan and Daniel Marans, Joe Lustig, and Greg Berkowitz. Winter break in Israel is a site to behold.

6. Classic stereotypical Birthright quote: "I've been to the Western Wall, I've done my Israeli shopping...all I have left to do is get drunk and hook up with you!"

Sometimes, I fear for the Jewish future.

7. The bus ride home from our Jerusalem night out. Think karaoke and much Gator cheering - cohesive groups are a joy to staff.

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