Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is There a Hebrew Word for Jetlag?

Shab was uneventful, and devoted primarily to changing my internal time zone. Still...

1. Lots of sleep.

2. Lots of New York Times.

3. Naptime on the blue couch.

4. Congrats to Rabbi Daniel Mayer Horwitz (Sarit's dad), on his appointment to the top 50 players in the International Correspondence Chess Federation. If, like me, you have no idea what correspondence chess is, click here.

5. New phone!

6. CSI with Ema. Odd how such a mild-mannered woman can stand the sight of so much gore. I always close my eyes.

7. Packed before bed - at a reasonable hour.


  1. yes, there is a silly word in hebrew for jetlag. it's "ya'efet" (from the root of "ayeif")

  2. haha...i know that, mins. it's just a title. finding creative ones gets difficult after awhile...

  3. Mild-mannered?! Moi? Surely you jest.



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