Sunday, January 24, 2010

Endless Workweek

1. I fully support the dubious logic seen here.

2. Got a Gchat update from Sefster in Italia. Good to know you're alive, kid (and eating lots of pizza).

3. Shout out to the artist formerly known as Bondo, who not only correctly noted that I mispelled אבעבועת, but also provided a thorough explanation of said word in this comment. Thanks, Eric!

4. Matzah ball soup. Sometimes, it's good to work in the same building as the only Kosher establishment in town.

5. A little bit of glad-handing with a community bigwig: definitely not my forte, so it was nice to learn from the best.

6. Enthusiasm for ASB (alternative spring break). Now I just have to get them to actually apply.

7. Somehow, I have completely ceased to watch "Gossip Girl." I am not at all interested in sitting through the episodes, I just want to know the storylines. Luckily, tonight I discovered that a (male, rather hippieish) student is obsessed, and convinced him to give me the 5 minute summary. Now it's just like I saw the entire 3rd season.

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